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SAP CodeJam

SAP CodeJam is an event where you can develop a solution using various SAP technology, platforms and tools. You will be presented with an end-to-end scenario where you’ll get to see how different technologies integrate and work together while building your solution.

These events are hands-on (bring your own laptop) and take between 5-6 hours. The events are led by SAP experts who will be onsite to answer your questions and share relevant insights and tips.These events are developer community focused and supported by SAP.

What Topics Are Available?

Since you’ll be working on an end-to-end scenario during the event, you’ll have the opportunity to work with more than one technology or platform. We have grouped our offerings under four themes. Within each theme, we’ll provide sample scenarios and work with you and our experts to define the technologies that will be covered during the session.

I. You May Choose From the Following Themes:

Each of these themes can include elements of some of the newest areas of interest in the technology world such as geospatial, machine learning, predictive analytics, text analytics, SAP Leonardo, and more.


Explore the frontend and UX worlds using the latest tools from SAP. Learn about integration techniques, backend connectivity and API usage within your HTML5 and web-based apps.


Discover the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS, SAP Fiori for iOS and other SAP services while developing a beautiful and intuitive app. Learn how to work with oData, SAP HANA and other technologies from both SAP and mobile providers.

Big Data

Learn about different methods to load data into your system, apply logic with SQL, and gain insights using analytics tools. Learn about SAP HANA native development, developing full-stack apps using different languages, and creating UIs using SAP Fiori and UI5.


Work with core SAP technologies such as ABAP, SAP S/4HANA, etc., and take a closer look at the integration of traditional SAP systems and tools.

II. Want an SAP CodeJam?

To request a CodeJam, please send us an email with the following:

  • Your name
  • Estimated number of attendees (25-40)
  • Three possible dates
  • Topic of your choice
  • Address of the event venue

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